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The Rising Sense of Wanderlust

I'm sure we couldn't have predicted that there would be travel restrictions because of a global pandemic, but here we are. Travelers are experiencing a greater sense of wanderlust more than ever before...and it is the PERECT time to visit Morocco.

Traditions of Morocco will be shared with travelers at every turn.

Moroccan mint tea is part of everyday life for the majority of Moroccans. It’s the symbol of family and friend gatherings and the first thing prepared to welcome guests. The smell of this sweet aromatic tea announces a good moment of chilling, catching up, and connecting. Some things are so authentically Moroccan and the experience is impossible to duplicate outside of the country.

A saying in Morocco states that the first glass of Moroccan mint tea is as soft as life, the second as strong as love, and the last as bitter as death.

When in Morocco, Do as the Moroccans Do...

Most local markets carry bins, baskets, bowls or buckets of some of the most uniquely delicious spices on earth.

The ten spices that are the most important to Moroccan cuisine are:

Cayenne (felfla), cinnamon (karfa), turmeric (quekoum), ginger (skinjbir), black pepper (elbezar), aniseed (nafaa), sesame seeds (jinjelan), cumin (kamoon), paprika (felfla hlouwa), and saffron (zafrane).

Spices can be packaged and shipped for you to experiment and enjoy at home.

Touring Morocco with Me

When you get to visit Morocco, you will be amazed and how diverse each area of the country is. We love it for it's unique palm groves, desert dunes and lush valleys.

Four rugged mountain chains dominate Morocco's topography and divide the country into three geographic regions: the mountainous interior, including plateaus and fertile valleys; the Atlantic coastal lowlands; and the semiarid and arid area of eastern and southern Morocco where the mountains descend gradually into the Sahara Desert. In the north, the Rif mountain range runs parallel to the Mediterranean. South of the Rif range, a series of three Atlas Mountain ranges somewhat overlap one another as they slant across the country on a generally northeast-southwest axis. The most northerly of the three, the Middle Atlas range, is separated from the Rif by only a narrow corridor. The lofty High Atlas range is situated immediately to the south of the Middle Atlas range and is parallel to it. Farther south and to the west lies the Anti-Atlas range.

Morocco has the most extensive river system in North Africa. Its two most important rivers are the Moulouya, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea, and the Sebou, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Paradise Valley is a great place to put on your Bucket List for Morocco

My Morocco, Your Way

When I describe my tours, I am always aware that the trip will send us in many directions based on what you really want to experience while in Morocco. There are so many unique excursions like seeing the goats that stand in trees, Barbary Apes in the forests, tall waterfalls, refreshing rivers, riding camels, camping in the desert, and the countless historical locations are just a start. I will always try my best to make your trip to Morocco the best you can have.


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